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I am a full-stack developer.

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I write articles on web development, including real-life tips and resources. Here are the latest ones:

Improve your website SEO

How to optimize your website for SEO

By following these tips, you can improve SEO for your website and increase its visibility on search engine results pages.

Marko Denic
December 03, 2022
Make money as a developer

Earning $500 /mo On The Side As A Developer

Making money on the side is super important. Let me show you how.

Kyle Prinsloo
October 28, 2022
Building a SaaS application with React and Node.js

Building a SaaS with React

IThe process of building a SaaS application with React and Node.js.

Remi Wg
October 13, 2022


I made a loooot of projects, but unfortunately can't show you most of them. 😔 But, you can enjoy in my personal playgrounds:

Tech Blogs Preview

Tech Blogs

A list of Tech Blogs.

JavaScript Quiz Preview

JavaScript Quiz

Check your knowledge by having fun.

Free Code Tools Preview

Free Code Tools

A collection of free code and SEO tools.

We Dev Resources Preview

We Dev Resources

Free web development resources.

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