Free Courses

Free courses
by Marko Denic | July 05, 2021


This is a list of free courses. All of them are from eminent institutions like Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Free Code Camp…
This is just an initial list, so probably a lot of awesome courses missing. Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you know of any other cool (but free) courses.
Some of these courses even include a free certificate.

Let’s start!


1. Computer Science

Institution: Harvard University

2. Machine Learning

Institution: MIT

3. Artificial Intelligence

Institution: Harvard University

4. Web Development with Python and JavaScript

Institution: Harvard University

5. CSS

Institution: Google

6. Responsive Web Design

Institution: FreeCodeCamp

7. Java

Institution: Test Automation University

8. Linux

Institution: The Linux Foundation

9. Digital Marketing

Institution: Google

10. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. And a quick reminder; if you know of any good free course, contact me and I’ll add it to the list.

Happy coding!  ❤️

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