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I write articles on web development, including real-life tips and resources. Here are the latest ones:

Great Website Design Examples

10 Examples of Great Website Design

Learn from the best and get inspired to create stunning websites with these ten excellent examples of effective web design.

Post Author - Jeremy Jeremy
January 21, 2022
How to write long-tail keyword articles

How to Write Long-tail Keyword Articles

Many writers don’t know how to write long-tail keyword articles. Let's demystify it.

Post Author - John John
December 22, 2021
Business Ideas for Web Developers

17 Profitable Business Ideas for Web Developers to Start in 2022.

The best businesses do not strive on mere “ideas”. They succeed when you solve a problem with a mission and vision.

Post Author - Tripti Tripti
December 17, 2021


I made a loooot of projects, but unfortunately can't show you most of them. 😔 But, you can enjoy in my personal playgrounds:

Tech Blogs Preview

Tech Blogs

A list of Tech Blogs.

JavaScript Quiz Preview

JavaScript Quiz

Check your knowledge by having fun.

Free Code Tools Preview

Free Code Tools

A collection of free code and SEO tools.

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