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I am a full-stack developer.

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I write articles on web development, including real-life tips and resources. Here are the latest ones:

CSS line height

CSS line-height

How to use CSS line-height? Here is how.

Post Author - Marko Marko
September 09, 2022
Version Control System- Git

Make your first open source contribution

A step-by-step guide to making your first open-source contribution.

Post Author - Marko Marko
March 23, 2022
Wordpress Tips And Tricks

WordPress Tips And Tricks

There is a lot you can do with WordPress, from creating an impressive blog to building a fully functional website. Here is how.

Post Author - Edan Edan
February 12, 2022


I made a loooot of projects, but unfortunately can't show you most of them. 😔 But, you can enjoy in my personal playgrounds:

Tech Blogs Preview

Tech Blogs

A list of Tech Blogs.

JavaScript Quiz Preview

JavaScript Quiz

Check your knowledge by having fun.

Free Code Tools Preview

Free Code Tools

A collection of free code and SEO tools.

We Dev Resources Preview

We Dev Resources

Free web development resources.

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