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I write articles on web development, including real-life tips and resources. Here are the latest ones:

Best websites to find HTML CSS templates

Best Websites To Get HTML/CSS Templates

This roundup will save you hours of wasted search time and license headaches.

Marko Denic
February 03, 2024
Client Manager Homepage

ClientManager Review: Onboarding & Client Management In One Place

I signed up to ClientManager. Here’s my review of this tool for freelancers and agencies. What I like and don’t like.

Marko Denic
February 03, 2024
Social Milestones

Home Page: 5 Social Milestones You Need to Conquer to Land a Sale

When you build or improve your home page, focus on these elements: Trust, Credibility, Clarity, Positioning, Results

John Paul Hernandez
January 05, 2024
Web Performance

Web Performance

This article will be some kind of archive for web performance tips.

Marko Denic
November 03, 2023
From Zero to Web Developer

From zero to Web developer

From zero to web developer -> in 14 actionable steps.

Marko Denic
October 23, 2023
Colors in WordPress Design

The Psychology of Colors in WordPress Design

This in-depth article offers valuable insights and practical tips for web designers and website owners.

Radomir Rankovic
September 29, 2023


I made a loooot of projects, but unfortunately can't show you most of them. 😔 But, you can enjoy in my personal playgrounds:

Tech Blogs Preview

Tech Blogs

A list of Tech Blogs.

JavaScript Quiz Preview

JavaScript Quiz

Check your knowledge by having fun.

Free Code Tools Preview

Free Code Tools

A collection of free code and SEO tools.

Wev Dev Resources Preview

Wev Dev Resources

Free web development resources.